Friday, April 17, 2009

Niagara Falls

The girls and I were lucky enough to go to Niagara Falls last weekend. We belong to a group, Parent's Without Partners (PWP). There was an 'outing' to Americana Resort over the Easter Weekend, and I decided to surprise the girls and take them there. The surprise actually didn't last long, I told them where we were going and showed them pictures. They were very excited about it.
Heather has often said that she is the ONLY person in the entire school (forgetting that Leah is at the same school) who have NEVER been out of Canada. Poor baby! Anyway, Niagara Falls is in Canada and the US. I also decided to surprise them and take them over the border to the States. Again, that surprise didn't last long. They saw the document I got Scott (my ex, their father) to sign allowing me to take them. Oh well, so much for the surprise, but they were super excited about it.
Easter Friday arrived and we drove to Niagara Falls and the Americana. There is a huge indoor water park with slides and wave pool. We had a great time! There were several PWP families there, kids that my kids are friends with, other parents that I knew. It was so much fun! We stayed the night and spent time in the water park on Sat as well.
Saturday, we went to visit Niagara Falls as tourists, then went to go over the boarder into the States. I loved that part...over the Rainbow Bridge, I slowed down. There is a Canadian Flag, space, then the US Flag. I said 'we're in Canada...we're nowhere...we're in another country'.
Surprisingly, there was no line up at the boarder and we went almost right through. When asked why we were going there, I told them that my poor kids had never been out of Canada. That was enough for them to allow us into their country. From there, we went to the Factory Outlet Mall. We went 'shop, shop, shop...DROP'. It was so much fun. I discovered a store there that we don't have here, The Dress Barn. I loved it and spent some of my very hard earned money in that store. The girls got a lot of stuff as well. After that, we drove around and found a motel to stay at for the night. The girls asked me if the Easter Bunny would find them. Luckily, I had thought of that before and had hidden stuff in my bag. Sure enough, Sunday morning they woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had indeed found them, in a motel, in the States, with me being Jewish and them half Jewish. The Easter Bunny stupidly put chocolate eggs under their pillows and Leah, during her sleep, had uncovered one and it got on the sheets. I wrote a big note: 'This is a CHOCOLATE stain' and left it on the bed.
We went back over the boarder into Canada. It was actually kind of funny...the guard asked me for the paper that Scott had signed allowing me to take them into the US on the way BACK into Canada. Again, no line up. Asked what we bought??? Earrings and stuff for the kids. No prob!
On the Monday, I took a vacation day and took the girls to see Hanna Montana, the Movie'. I enjoyed it and so did they.
All in all, we had a great weekend. We all needed it and we all loved it.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Ring

I had said that this blog was not going to become an AA forum of any kind; however, there is something that I need to share with you that is AA related...

I like amethyst. Actually, I love amethyst. It calms me, and helps to ground me. Amethyst also happens to be purple, my favourite colour. I looked up the meaning of amethyst, it literally means 'not drunk'. Huh, who knew??

As my 3 year AA birthday passed in January, I decided to buy myself something at the Conference that was in March. I already have AA jewellry. The AA symbol is a triangle with a circle around it. Anyway, I decided that I wanted a ring with a trilliam (triangle) amethyst. At the Conference, I bought a pendant which was exactly what I wanted as a ring. I then took it to a jewellery store and decided to have it made into a ring.

So, to make a long story short...I took my wedding band and Scott's wedding band and had it made into my ring. I had 3 small diamonds in my band, so I had them put in my new at each end of the triangle.

The result???

Exactly what I wanted.