Saturday, February 7, 2009

Girl Guides

Heather, my 9 year old, is in Girl Guides. I remember many (many) years ago when I was in Guides as well. I kept my uniform my many years, hopeing that it might be interesting to show my daughters one day. Now I can't find it. I think that perhaps when we moved back from BC my friend convinced me that I didn't need it any longer. Bummer.

Tonight, Heather gets to go to the Science Centre (in Toronto) and sleep over with her Guide unit. I am so jealous! It's going to be so cool. They arrive at 4pm, have dinner there, walk through the exibits, and then sleep in sleeping bags there. Leah and I are going to meet her there tomorrow morning (maybe, they have to be picked up at 9..way too early for me on a Sunday...I might get one of the other parent's to pick up).

We have a membership there that I bought last year. It's a great place to go to kill an afternoon, and it's educational. There are imax movies as well, very neat. We have seen underwater movies, Great Lakes, mountain climbing...all on the biggest screens in Canada.

It's going to be a fun time for Heather!


Lisa said...

Gosh I remember those days...always so much to do and learn. What fun. Bet she has (had) a fantastic time.

Leah's turn will come. Why not think about being a Girl Guide helper (or whatever they call it)? You could then get to do all these things with Heather too. Mind you, it's not such an independent thing for the offspring if their parents are forever getting involved...still mighty fun though lol

tweetey30 said...

That is awsome for her. I was going to put Kora in girl scouts but she wants to go into gymnastics at the YMCA for a trial run first.

Tammi said...

Ohhh how I miss those days when my girls were doing girl-stuff.Both were cheerleaders and my youngest in volleyball,but I wish they would have done the girl scouts...Isn't that the same as Girls Guides? Or??

Tammi said...

Poppin' back in to see if you have an update for us.
I see you must be ok,cuz you do check on your blog faves....and I think that is so sweet of you to do that.You do more checking on everyone else,than blogging about your OWN life.What a neat-o person you are!!

Tammi said...

Nooo,I'm not
Just poppin in to see if you've had a chance to update.Talk back at cha soon...