Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Love My Boss

How many people can honestly say that they enjoy their job and their boss is amazing?
While I do have bad days, sometimes over-worked, a bitch of a colleague, and not enough hours in the day, I do enjoy it.
I also have the best boss in the world. I was talking to her a couple of months ago about wanting to take an on-line law course. I'm taking it now, directly related to my work, and she is paying for it. And the textbook! Today I went to a continuing education seminar that was also paid for by work.

Since I got my promotion this past summer, I have been trying to dress better at work. As a senior family lawyer in Toronto, Cheryl's hourly rate is $475. I can't really get away with wearing shorts and a t-shirt to work now. I need a new wardrobe. Problem is, I've gained a lot of weight and I hate shopping. My feet are weird, so I also have a very hard time with shoes.
Her regular assistant is returning from mat leave in Dec. It has now been established, although not 'officially', that I will stay as her assistant and the other woman is going to 'float'. She only wants to come back 4 days a week, so it will work out well.

Cheryl is going away on vacation the end of this week for over a week. I asked her a few days ago if she should get someone to have signing authority for cheques while she's away. I didn't mean me. Yesterday, first thing in the am, she called me into her office. She handed me an envelope and said that I wasn't to tell anyone about it. She said that I've been doing a great job and doing 'other' stuff for her as well (I pick up her lunch almost every day because she doesn't have time, plus I'm the RSVP on a big party she is hosting for her parent's 50th anniversary, etc). The envelope contained certificates for a big mall in Toronto. $200. She told me I was NOT allowed to spend it on the kids and I HAD to spend it on me. Wow.
Then we went downstairs for a smoke break (we both smoke...why? is it bad for me?). We are right next to RBC, where we bank. She told me to go into the bank with her. She gave me signing authority to sign cheques up to $500. Holy crap! What a day!!

In AA, there is talk about the 'promises' when life gets better and good things happen. It's something that people in AA talk about, something I have seen in other people, but have rarely felt happen to me. It's amazing to think that 3 years ago at this time, I was drunk and wanted to die. Not anymore. Today, I'm sober and relatively happy.

It's amazing how a good job and a good boss changes things.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

When Life Sucks

What do you do when people you care about are in pain? How do you help them without interfering or meddling, showing them that you care, love, and support them? What advise can you offer a friend or loved one when you don't know what advise to give?

My life is fairly together now, probably the most together it's ever been. I'm not saying that I'm happy all of the time, but because of AA, I have the tools to help me deal with life stuff.

I have many friends, and some relatives, who are going through very horrible life changes. Some are separated, some have parent's who are dying or have died, one has a drinking problem and is in denial. A couple are having kids for the first time. That in itself is not a 'horrible' life change, but it is a life change all the same.

I deeply care for these people. I've been separated, I'm 'doing' life on my own. I had a parent die when I was 15 (my father). My mother is getting older. I had a drinking problem and now attend AA a minimum of 3 times a week, I'll be doing that for the rest of my life. My kids are getting older and are creating 'new' challenges for me.

The point is, I can empathize with their life challenges. I can attempt to advise, I can listen, I can tell them what helped me, and I can listen even more. I cannot make it better, no matter how much I want to.

My kids are still at the stage (for the most part) where I can kiss an 'owie' or give a big hug and make it all better. Not so with friends.

Sometimes, life really sucks. Sometimes, 'it sucks' is the best thing I can say. I know it doesn't help, but sometimes it the best I can do.

I just really want those friends to know how much I care and how much I wish I could make it better.