Sunday, July 20, 2008


Summer is almost half over, it's been so busy!

Heather is now at a sleepover camp, coming home tomorrow. She left this past Mon, so she was gone for a week. She's at a camp called Marygrove, through St. Vincent De Paul Society. They are an amazing society of people, churches, etc. who help out 'underprivileged' families. Being a single parent, recovering alcoholic, with an ex who has not paid child support in months (more about that later), I think I can easily qualify.
I took Heather to the bus last Mon and was a little uneasy about it at first. I didn't know what to expect. The information sheet that was sent to me made it clear that some of the children who attend are in protective custody, and visitors are NOT allowed. What I DID see were many excited campers and parents, 4 state-of-the-art buses, councellers with smiling, friendly faces, and 'employees' (volunteers) from Marygrove. We waited in line to register Heather, then waited for the bus. I was looking at all of the happy campers and families. What really got me - I saw a man that I knew from AA. I've seen him the last couple of years at the AA conference. He rents a room and sells jewelry. I bought 2 rings and a pendant from him. Turns out, his 2 daughters have been going to Marygrove for years and they love it. I told Heather who he was, and from that she knew that other 'AA' kids were going. It helped her to know that I knew someone whose kids were going on the same bus.
Leah and I pick her up tomorrow. I'll let you know how much she enjoyed it.

For the past couple of summers, my boss has closed the office on a Friday and has had a 'cottage party'. Her cottage is about 1 1/2 hours from Toronto. It's actually not a cottage, it's one of the nicest houses I have ever seen, with 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, it's huge. Right on the lake as well. This year, I had 'the kids' invited as well (last year no kids). One has a 6m old, another has an 18m old, plus Leah. Turns out Leah was the only kid there, but it didn't matter to her. She went jet skiing twice and ATV'ing as well, plus the 'big boat'. My boss invited Leah and I to stay the night and we did. It was the first time I had spent a night away from Toronto in a couple of years and it was SO nice. Leah really enjoyed herself as well.

Scott's parent's want Heather and Leah for a week this summer. They live in Grand Bend, about 3 hours from here. I used to think that they had a the perfect 'summer home' (until I saw my boss'). It's a great home in the woods right near a lake. When Scott first talked to me about the girls going there for a week, I said that he could take them next Fri or Sat, but I wanted them home the following Sat or Sun early. He pretty much blew a head gasket with that, so I then said that he could take them Sunday to Sunday. Heather now has plans with her friend for next Sat, so Scott and I compromised that he could take the girls Sat night after Heather gets back from Ontario Place. That's fine. The following Monday (Aug 4) is also a holiday in Canada, making it a long weekend. I told Scott that I still wanted them home on the Sunday, and he has agreed. I feel good about the compromise, and we'll see if he sticks to it.

As some of you might remember, we moved at the begining of July. We have a great 3 bedroom in a triplex and it's great. We still have lots of work to do here, but it's home and it's nice. The lady who lived here before us gave me her bed frame. I love it andit's so nice. Because of that, Leah now has a queen size bed as well and Heather has the bunkbed in her room. I put the bed together but did not put the bottom mattress on so she has a little 'hide out' under her bed. She loves it!

That's about it for the update for now. Someday I will take pictures and post them, I just have to find my digital camera!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer as well.