Sunday, June 22, 2008

My First Meme

My good friend, Michelle, has a new meme on her blog. The purpose is to go back in your life 15 years and tell readers your life. I'm going to go back to 12 years ago...

1996: I was working for my uncle in my family business (home health care). I met Scott. I didn't exactly fall in love, but we decided to get married and to move to BC. I spent my entire life until then in Toronto, only leaving to go to Western University, in London, ON.

1997: Scott and I moved to BC. He started to work for Schneider's. I began to work for a home health care business in sales. We got married in Toronto. We bought a house in Maple Ridge, BC, a smaller community that we loved.

1999: Heather was born. I went back to work after 6 months (that was Mat Leave at that time). Left my home health care job to work at a toy store. Became assistant mgr and loved it.

2001: Surgery...bunion on my foot. The surgeon shaved the bone on my foot, broke my toes and straitened them out. Wheelchair for a month, crutches for 2 more. Ouch.

2002: Leah was born. Started my own business selling Discovery Toys. Conflict with toy store. Left the toy store.

2003: Tripped while carrying Leah. Didn't listen to the doctor. Walked on it. A couple of months later...fractured femur. Surgery that day. Wheelchair for 3 months. Could not put any pressure on my leg. Ouch again.

2004 (Oct): Scott decided that our marriage was over. It was over for me a couple of years before that, but I was 'stuck' in BC with no job and a very sore body, low self-esteem, and becoming addicted to alcohol in a big way.

2004 (Oct): Girls and I move back to Toronto. Go from 'country' setting and bears in the yard to semi-detached house with no grass. Scott arrives in Dec, moves across the city from us.

2005: I attempt to start my own daycare in my house. Few kids to watch, doesn't pay the rent. Go to work for my uncle again. Drinking increases, drinking pretty much every day.

Late 2005- early 2006: Drinking is totally out of control. I have a complete breakdown. Scott takes the kids. I get sober. I get the kids back. No job, no income. I work a couple of hours here and there for my family lawyer. Get sober and join AA.

2007: Still sober. Working more for lawyer. End up being on payroll there.

Early 2008: Scott had his own business. It goes under. He moves to appartment. We had 2 dogs from BC. One gets put down in summer 2007, other I find a 'rescue' place to take so she does not end up at the pound (where he was going to leave her). Get promotion at work. big raise.

May 2008: Still sober. Get another promotion and big raise at work. No child support from Scott in a few months. He gets new job. Get notice from landlord telling us we have to move.

June 2008: Have new place to move. Move July 5. Nice place, in school catchment area. Expensive, but can do it with new promotion and raise at work. Girls are great, although there are problems as in any family. Heather is 9, she's a brat. Leah is 5, a monster in her own world. They both have amazing hearts and are good, loving children.
I'm content and happy, probably more than I've ever been in my life. Have a strong AA program and see the world and my life in a new light. A good, white light.

That brings us to now. Stay tooned for further updates.