Sunday, April 6, 2008


I've done some complaining about where we live in Toronto. We have no grass at all, we're attached to my sister and we always have to be quiet. We share a driveway, the neighbour's kid is the biggest brat I've ever known in my life. We're right in the middle of Toronto. The street is busy, lots of cars. Blah Blah Blah...
I found out last week that we have to move by July 1. Now, I knew when we moved in here 3 1/2 years ago that this place was supposed to be temporary. Scott and I had just separated, living in BC, and Scott (after lots of 'talking') agreed the girls and I could move back to Toronto because this is where I"m from, all my family is here. My sister and her business partner bought the house next to her when it went on the market. Plan was for them to rent it fully furnished for mega bucks. My sister found out about Scott and I, told me to come here before Scott changed his mind, and we've been here ever since.
I don't mind moving to another place. It's a new adventure. Oh, bull-crap...I HATE change, hate moving, and I don't want to do it (add in whiny voice, stomping of the foot, etc).
I've thought of moving to another area, one that is not as expensive. Relocation is not a horrible thing, I've done it more than once. Here, though, we have built a good life (not that it wasn't true in BC). The girls are older now, Heather almost 9 and Leah 5 1/2. They know enough now for it to have consequences for all of us.
I've told Heather that I will do my very best to stay in this area. I've realized that as much as it isn't BC, I do like it here. We are one block from the school and it takes me 20 min to get to work, that's taking a bus and a subway.
I'll keep you updated on the situation. It's still a bit of time before we have to make the actual decision as to where we're going. We will do our best to stay in this area. I promised Heather I'd try, we'll tell Leah tomorrow, and I'll promise the same thing. My 'best' is the best I can do.